Thursday, September 29, 2011

Muy Bueno Landform Models

One of the teachers on my team did this project a few years ago and thought it might be a good way to assess our students understanding of landforms. Each student painted a thick, oval paper plate 1/2 blue and 1/2 green, and then made models of 9 different landforms out of modeling clay. We used gray, dark brown, light brown, red, royal blue, and green clay. Students cut the labels by folding and cutting index cards and then sticking them into each clay form. The flat green plate represented the flat plains, and the blue represented the ocean. I think they turned out great and the kids had SO much FUN making them!


  1. This is really cute!! I'm just curious.. but what are the cylinder-shaped things in the background.. they look really cute and decorated with scrapbook paper!

  2. I did this project a few years ago with mine but used the homemade salt dough. It was an awful mess! This looks a LOT easier and neater. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Ashley,
    The cylinders are Pringle cans covered with scrapbook paper and labeled with the student's name. They have their "Time Capsules" from the first week of school in them. Thank you for your nice comments and thanks for asking.

  4. Amy,
    We just went over to Hobby Lobby and bought the clay for about $3.50 a package. We used about 4 packages. It was MUCH easier. And...if you catch the 40% off one item coupon, and go in with your family in friends, so EACH one can buy a package, it's even less expensive!

  5. Thanks for this great idea! We are studying landforms soon and I am actually doing my lesson plans now. I will definately be doing this activity. How long did it take your students to complete?


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