Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Made My Very Own Blog Signature for FREE!!!

I just made my own signature for my blog by following the directions on eHow and MyLive Signature. My Live Signature lets you create it and eHow tells you how to put it in your blog. The first two templates are free. You can either pick a script (like I did), or hand write you signature with the mouse or a pen, AND you can also pick the color. When you post, you will need to go to Edit Html to move it down first, otherwise it will be at the top of your post, but I feel that's a small inconvenience for it being free. If anyone figures out another way to make it automatically appear at the bottom, let me know. Happy Blogging:)


  1. Hey Patti -

    YAY - it looks great! I just click on my signature and hit return once and it lets me post my blog on top of it so it appears at the bottom without going to Edit html . . . . hope this helps!

    The Corner On Character

  2. Thanks for sharing the links that guide you to create your signatures.These are really very beautiful and matches with theme of your blog.I will create my signature too.
    digital signature FAQ


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