Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Classroom Finally Finished (as finished as it will be this year...)

These are my class rules that I made to match my theme.

Here is a "Kids at Work" sign I bought to go with my theme.

This is the banner I made to go with my PV lesson. I have sold a lot of this unit at my TpT store. The unit is called Place Value Safari.

This is my mailbox, extra supplies underneath, my journal crates, and my AR bulletin board.

This is one of our BTS activities we call "Mini-Me."

A close-up of my name plates that I created. I have the construction set for sell at TpT

I had my hubby paint these little tool boxes to keep my reward coins in. Each one is numbered, so I have Table 1, Table 2, and Table 3.

Here you can see my calendar with my measuring tape numbers, my birthday board, my Lucky 7 reading strategy poster, my AR chart, and my hanging pockets that I keep papers and things my kiddos might need (like nurse passes, reading logs, etc...

This is my door that I am going to hang great work on. I used my poster from my Construction Class Set and a boarder I bought that says "Kids at Work!"


  1. I love your blog and classroom! It looks so inviting. Are you selling the BTS mini me? I am a new to grade 3 and looking for some great get to know you activities. Thanks

  2. Bobbi,
    You can get this graphic organizer free from Ed Helper at

    If you are interested in looking at my TpT shop, I have a button to the right that will take you there.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and good luck to you :)


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