Friday, April 18, 2014

Geometry, Time, & Money Bundle at Educents

Does your student need extra practice with geometry, time, or money?

Math can be so fun to teach! So some friends and I have teamed up with Educents for an amazing bundle of instant downloads for you! Click on any of the pics to go to Educents!

My products that are included in this bundle, This Little Piggy Went to the Market, and Polygon Pals will surely be loved by your students!
Your students will have loads of fun with Pat & Peter Piggy as they go shopping and plan a party. Complete with piggy money, grocery lists, and price lists, this 29 page unit is chock full of manipulatives and hands on activities for your students to practice counting money, giving change, adding & subtracting money as well as planning shopping trips and calculating total costs.

  Complete Description of What's included:
*Grocery Price List (2 pages)
*Piggy Calculation Practice & Answer Key
(2 digit x 1 digit multiplication)
*Piggy Party Planning Sheet & Answer Key
*Grocery Shopping Planning Sheet & Answer Key
*Extra Grocery Lists (one page/2 per page)
*Piggy Purchase Word Problems #1 & Answer Sheet
*Piggy Purchase Word Problems #2 & Answer Sheet
*Piggy Money Addition & Subtraction Practice & Answer Sheet
*What Makes a Dollar Poster
*More Ways to Make a Dollar
*8 Sheets of Piggy Money

- 1 sheet of $20.00 bills (12 per page)

- 1 sheet of $10.00 bills (12 per page)

- 1 sheet of $5.00 bills (12 per page)

- 1 sheet of $1.00 bills (12 per page)

- 1 sheet of quarters (35 per page)

- 1 sheet of dimes (88 per page)

- 1 sheet of nickels (63 per page)

- 1 sheet of pennies (80 per page)

Students will have fun learning about polygons with this colorful 17 page hands-on unit! Posters explain the different types of 2-D figures, and students are provided with a chart to fill out the attributes of each figure.  It also includes a matching game that could be used as a center!

Complete Description of What's Included:

Polygon Pals Cover Page
What's Included Page
Polygon Definition Poster
Polygon Pals Poster
Quadrilateral Poster
2-D Shapes That Are NOT Polygons Poster
Polygon Pals Chart
Polygon Pals Answer Sheet
1 1/2 pages of Polygon Matching Shapes Cards (6 per page)
1 1/2 pages of Polygon Matching Definitions Cards (6 per page)
2 Polygon Matching Name Cards Pages
(6 per page / 3 blank cards)
Acknowledgements Page
Thank You
For a limited time it is $10.99 from Educents which is about 80% off (My 2 units combined cost $11.00 at regular price)!  It also includes seven additional products, what a great savings!

So head on over to Educents and grab this great Math bundle!

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