Saturday, March 16, 2013

Super Saturday YouTube Video of the Week: Word Problem Clue Words

Soon, we will be reviewing for the upcoming state assessments, and in Texas, our entire assessment is mostly made up of word problems. I don't know about your students, but mine always have such a hard time figuring out what operation to use.  Here is a cute little rock song that talks about "clue words" that I thought my kiddos might like.  It's kind of catchy and maybe it will do the trick in reminding them to pay attention to the math vocabulary because it gives you clues on what to do.  Hope you like it!


  1. Hi Patti,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I agree that 3rd and 4th grades have a lot of similarities. I am now following you, too! You have an awesome blog...congratulations on reaching 500 followers! I hope to get there someday...How long have you had your blog?

    The Look for Clues math video would be helpful for some of my 4th graders who get stuck on knowing what to do to solve story problems. Thanks!


  2. Cathy,
    I have had my blog for about 2 years. I am so glad you are following so we can share ideas!
    Patti :)

  3. Love this video, Patti! Pinning it for future use! Thanks for sharing!

    The Applicious Teacher

  4. Thanks Leigh! Glad you liked it!
    Patti :)

  5. Loved this, thanks for sharing (I know I'm a few days late.)
    I'm a new follower.
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching


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