Friday, August 17, 2012

SUPER DUPER 300 Follower Giveaway!!!!

I finally did it! I reached 300 followers on my little ol' blog!  And to celebrate this glorious event, I am putting on a HUGE GIVEAWAY.  Some of my fellow bloggers / TpT friends have so graciously agreed to offer free items from their TpT stores and wait 'til you hear how much this grand giveaway is worth!!! It is worth up to a  whopping $131 and you can have up to 57 entries!!  All that I ask is that you support these wonderful ladies by following their blogs, TpT Store, and/or FB pages!  I am using Rafflecopter to chose one lucky winner.  You have until midnight Monday, August 20th, to enter.  I will post the lucky winner on Tuesday,  August 21st. 

Here is what you can WIN!!!!!!

My Place Value Safari, a $7.00 Value from A Series of 3d Grade Events @TpT

Jet Setting---A Travel Journal for Your Students! 
Jet Setting: A Travel Journal for Your Students! $4.50 Value from Angela Ruben @ Tpt

Kid's Clipart, a $3.00 Value from Teacher's Clipart @ TpT

Synonym and Antonym Matching Cards 
 Synonyms and Antonyms Matching Cards, a $2.25 Value from Teacher Lisa @ TpT

Intermediate Vocabulary Study: Stellaluna, a $5.00 Value from Wild About Words @ Tpt
Buzz Worthy BEEhavior, a $4.50 Value from Martha Moore @ TpT

Word Work Choice - To Use with ANY Words! 
Word Work Choice, a $3.00 Value from Samantha Kelly @ TpT

Consonant Digraph Write n Wipe Cards - Literacy Center Cards 
Consonant Digraph Write N Wipe Cards, a $3.00 Value From The Pond @ TpT

Ultimate Math Board Games Collection 
Ultimate Math Board Games Collection, a $12.95 Value from Games 4 Learning @ TpT

Terri Browne 
Any 2 items from TchrBrowne Store @ TpT , Value up to $17.99

Hundred Chart: 20 Game Boards for 10 Primary Themes
Hundred Chart 20 Game Boards for 10 Primary Themes, a $4.50 Value from Linda Nelson @ TpT

Persuasive Writing-  Oreo  Style! 
Persuasive Writing Oreo Style, a $3.50 Value from TeacherMomof3 @ TpT

Katie Smith
One item of your choice from Katie Smith @ TpT, Value up to $9.50

English Shape Posters 
English Shape Posters, a $5.00 Value from Doodles and Kreations @ TpT

Sight Word Dominoes - Complete Dolch List 
Sight Word Donimoes, an $8.00 Value from Heather Schmidt @ TpT

Back to School:  Getting to Know You Activities Pack 
BTS Getting to Know You, a $6.00 Value from Nicole Rios @ TpT

Turkey Time:  Language Focus & Literacy Centers for Thanksgiving 
Turkey Time Language Focus & Literacy Centers, an $8.00 Value from All Ya'll Need @ TpT

SKOOB (Mystery Fiction Young Readers Book- Paperback) 
SKOOB Mystery Fiction YourngReader's  (paperback/ hard good), a $3.50 Value 

oo Digraph Word Work Literacy Station Pack
oo Diagraph Word Work Literacy Stations, a $4.00 Value from Page & Cristy @ TpT

There Was an Old Teacher: A Back to School Literacy Unit
There Was an Old Teacher BTS Literacy Unit, an $8.00 Value from Richi Reynolds @ TpT

Owl Behavior Chart 2 
Owl Behavior Chart, $3.50 Value from Jessica Tobin @ TpT

Wiggle Frames 
Wiggle Frames, a $2.00 Value from Teacher's Toolkit @ TpT 
Digital Papers Bright Polka Dot and Stripes, a $2.50 Value from The Enlightened Elephant @ TpT

Having so many friends offer to give away these great items for my giveaway, PRICELESS!!!!  
Thank you all and GOOD LUCK!!!!
*NOTE: 300 follower sign made using clip art from 3AM Teacher and Mel @ Graphics From the Pond

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I shared this on Fb, great news and a wonderful giveaway! Carolyn

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and linking us up in the giveaway!

    Oh, How Pintearesting!

    1. You are so welcome. I've really found some great shops and/or blogs while doing this giveaway, so it's a win, win situation!
      Patti :)

  3. Thanks for all the links!!! Great job!

    1. Thanks! It took a while, but I think I finally figured everything out. The hardest part was deciding to just jump in and do it!
      Patti :)

  4. I followed all these sites (some were already being followed by me) but I don't see the rafflecopter or a link for it. Am I missing something?

    1. I'm not sure why you're having this problem. I see the Raffle Copter right under my signature. You do have to sign in with Facebook (not sure it there is another means) before you are able to enter.
      Patti :)

    2. I looked again, and it says you can sign in with your email also.

  5. would love to be included in the drawing, but not sure what to do. I am or have followed some of the blogs.
    Such a great site and wonderful things you are offering.

    1. You need to go to the Raffle Copter box right under my signature at the bottom of the post and log in either through FB or your email, then click on each entry you are wanting to do. I hope you can see the Raffle Copter. It is inside a box under my signature. Someone else was having problems seeing it. Let me know if you have a problem and I will see about contacting Raffle Copter. The giveaway runs through Monday midnight. There are over 2700 entries, so I know it must be working in general. What type of browser are you using? I sometimes have trouble with Internet Explorer, so I use Firefox.

  6. Rafflecopter is not wanting to show up for me, either. I've refreshed the page a few times, but no luck.

    1. I have just sent a message to them to see if they can fix it. Please check back later! The contest does not end until tomorrow.
      Patti :)

  7. This is a great giveaway!!! I've entered and I hope I win!!!

    1...2...3...Teach With Me
    Dots of Fun!


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